The main purpose of my site is to give current unschoolers a way to connect and to provide information about unschooling to those who are looking for more information.

Sometimes, however, there are questions or situations that people might prefer to address one on one.

For that reason I also offer personal consulting on all things related to unschooling.  Things like how unschooling might work for your family.  What to do if you find yourself constantly questioning this path.  How to go from school or curriculum based homeschooling to full blown unschooling, or anything else that is particular to your situation and about which you would like to consult.   Since I assume most of you are not in NYC, consultations can happen on the phone or via Skype, as well as in person if you do happen to live in or near the city.

For more information including rates, or to set up a session, please contact me at