One of those days….

Today was not a perfect day in the land of the Milstein unschoolers.   Maybe the planets are out of alignment or there are too many sun flares.   Maybe I’ve been preaching too much about the faults of others and the universe said, “Enough!  Let the children moan and the house be messy and let the food not please and let there be old candy attracting weevils in Maya’s bedroom!”    Because that was basically my day.      Oh yeah, and the guy who was supposed to come and give me an estimate on building loft beds and storage in the kids’ rooms didn’t show.  Didn’t call, text or email and was unreachable by phone.    Who runs a business that way?

I’m sitting here writing this and trying not to look around the living room.  I swear I cleared the clutter at least three times today, and yet, there it is.    Ever feel like tossing it?   That’s me today.   Just back a dumpster up to our building and I will chuck all this clutter out the window from 7 stories up.   I bet it’d make a very satisfying ‘thud’ as it hit.   And I doubt we’d miss it.  Much.

To top it all off, I started a knitting project today that called for double pointed needles.  After the way the day had gone, I really should have known better.  Me and double pointed needles rarely get along on the first try.   It took three this afternoon, with lots of cursing under my breath, before I was able to complete the first three or four rounds without some mysterious twist or dropped stitch.   Usually I am an intermediate knitter.  Today was like Knitting for Dummies.

I suppose days like these are reminders that no one is perfect, despite our best efforts.   And maybe they make us appreciate the good days even more.    I’ll keep that in mind as I wade through half-finished ‘found object’ sculptures and sweep up the dead weevils who apparently died from an overdose of old Easter candy, but not before somehow finding their way to my pillow.


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