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Been web surfing again.  Looking for good education blogs, homeschool blogs, what have you.   And am woefully disappointed.   Have yet to find an education blog that discusses anything interesting or useful.  Most of them are a big snooze.   And the homeschooling blogs that are listed as ‘most popular’?  Please!   Nothing but boring day to day accounts. “Today we went shopping at Target.   “T” had a dance lesson.  “M” did fractions for the first time.”    I’m in a coma reading this stuff.    And what is with not naming your children in a blog?   Or in a website?   Do you think some ‘predator’ is going to somehow track them down?  Give me a break.   I recently had this discussion with a friend of mine, who was telling me that a lot of people in NYCHEA won’t allow their information to be distributed even among members.   One family we know has a website and wants other homeschoolers to contribute to it, but the kids aren’t allowed to publish under their own names.   Only code names.   Where’s the fun in that?     I write about my kids (hopefully not in a boring, monotonous ‘here’s what we did today’ kind of way) and I name them.  In case you missed it, their names are Maya and Ben.     M-A-Y-A and B-E-N.  Not  “M” and “B”.   I can’t even read a site where the names are reduced to initials.  It annoys me too much.

And please, please, can someone link to a homeschool site where the authors are neither born again Christians or “random atheist liberals”  (an actual quote from a blog that had a link on the most popular education blog on the web according to Technorati)!     No wonder people are amazed to find that many of us don’t live in yurts and hold clothing optional bonfire nights or on the flipside, wear sackcloth and begin each morning with 30 minutes of prayer.

So here is my list of interesting blogs on unschooling, written by intelligent ‘normal’ people.  You could probably walk past them on the street and not think twice.   I’ve mentioned two of them before, but after my adventures in blog surfing today, they are clearly not getting enough exposure and are worth mentioning again!

From the great Wendy Priesnitz, editor in chief of Life  Learning Magazine, you can read her personal blog at wendypriesnitz.com or the Life Learning blog at lifelearningmagazine.com/blog

Life Learning has a blog directory, which is a great resource.   Two of my favorites are www.borntolearnfreetolearn.blogspot.com and www.swissarmywife.net.    Hey, and both of these families name their children on the site and even give their ages and show photos!

Radicals, indeed.

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  1. Miriam Brougher AKA Mom says:

    Well now, Random Atheist Liberals???? Who came up with THAT label. Hahahahahahahahahah Does that mean you are randomly atheist or randomly liberal?? Or both? How could you be randomly either?? Hahahahahahahaha

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