The best of things

Today was one of those great days.  This usually happens for us when we haven’t over-planned.   We had a visit from Brittany (in the photo with Maya & Ben) who was our sitter two summers ago and who is one of the sunniest people you’ll ever meet.  She goes to law school in Philadelphia, and was in the city for one night.  Joshua and Ben met her by chance on the subway platform yesterday, so she dropped by this morning to visit.   Both kids were so thrilled to see her, which of course could not have happened had they been in school, or had other classes or a full schedule.    After she left, Maya and I went out to do a couple of errands (one of which was exchanging her phone for a world phone – very important!) and Ben stayed home.   We were out for nearly two hours, and when we returned Ben was quietly sitting and reading a book.    Then I went back out on my own, Joshua came home and a couple of hours later our friends the Spositos arrived.   Two of them (Maya & Jonah) are staying the night.

Ok, funny aside.   One day the kids were all playing together, and my Maya came up and said, “Mama, you know what we just figured out?   If I grew up and married Jonah, and Maya grew up and married Ben, she would be Maya Milstein and I would be Maya Sposito!”

Their mom, my friend Kristin, and their younger brother Simon stayed for a few hours and had dinner before heading home.   And I’ve spent the evening putting the last of the Christmas gifts and paraphernalia away, paying bills, etc.  All in peace while happy children play in the other room.

That sound you hear is me sighing contentedly.

And finally, I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I’ve decided to knit or crochet one hat every day for 30 days, then donate them all to Head Huggers.  So far I’m one hat ahead of schedule!    I’ll post a photo of them all when 30 days is up.

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