Just a quick note….

Having an ‘overnight’ tonight in Ben’s room.   Maya’s friend Greta is staying over, as tomorrow is a holiday from school, so he always wants me to sleep in his room on those occasions.   Which today is fairly easy to do, because this afternoon we purged, and I mean purged, the junk and unused, broken or otherwise neglected toys and stuff from his room.   Ben’s room is good-sized – maybe 12′ x 15′ or so, but the amount of junk we took out of here was truly astounding.  EIGHT 30 gallon Hefty bags full of stuff that went straight down to the trash.  And now it is an oasis of order – at least for  a day or so.  It’s amazing how quickly things tend to creep out of their boxes and find homes in forgotten corners…

Tonight was the Golden Globe Awards.   I love awards season.  Truly, it is the only time of year when I monopolize the TV and insist on quiet in the living room, lest anyone’s acceptance speech be drowned out.   This is partly because I love film, but also because I love to see people win.    Even if I’m cheering for someone and they don’t win, I’m happy for the person who’s up there, thanking everyone and shaking with emotion.  (That said, thank GOD Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Fighter.   He was just brilliant, and no one was more deserving.)

Ricky Gervais hosted.  His best line of the night?   ” Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, or as Heather Mills calls him, ‘the one who got away’.”    If you don’t get that joke, run it by any of your British friends and they will fill you in.

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