What the waterslides taught us….

These are some of the things we’ve learned as a result of two days on massive waterslides:

1)  The force of water against skin when you are moving at high speeds can actually cause bruising on the part of your body you use for sitting.  (thank goodness I brought the arnica)

2)  The presence of waterslides does not lessen, but rather emphasizes the unique personality traits of each of my children.   For example:  Ben is happy going down his favorite slide with or without my and Maya’s presence for as long as we choose to let him.    Maya checks in every two seconds to make sure I’m right there with her whenever going down any water slide.   If Ben is with her, I may sit at our beach chairs until they return.  (Please note that both of these character traits have their pluses and minuses.   I NEVER have to worry that Maya will get lost, for instance.)

3)  ‘Bigger’ people create really large waves that can almost capsize you when you happen to be in front of them on an inner tube ride.

4)  We have all acquired scrapes – me on my knees, Ben on his back, Maya on her leg.    We’ve seen lots of people walking around with red marks or scrapes.  Guess what?  We haven’t heard one note of concern that the slides or rides are too ‘dangerous’ as a result.     Most of the people here at the moment are from Europe.

5)  The sharks in the tank through which you either lazily float (if on an innertube) or fly through at warp speed (if you went down the Leap of Faith) are nurse sharks and/or Caribbean reef sharks.   Both scavengers.  Which means they won’t eat you unless you happen to be holding a bunch of dead or raw meat.   Not that I plan to test that theory…

6)  The beach is a great antidote to too much pounding on the water slides.   We intend to spend a lot of time playing in the sand tomorrow.

Miraculously we were out all day and no one got sunburned.   We think a 5 day trip here in mid-January may need to become an annual event.    And, since I don’t know how to post videos here, I’ve posted them on my Facebook page, if you’re interested….

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