There was cat poop where?!

You know those times when something happens and it’s fairly horrifying, but makes for a great story later?    This would definitely fall into that category…

It happened during Maya’s overnight at her friend Marcella’s house.  I got the story (via a very apologetic voice mail) from Marcella’s Mom, but Maya’s first hand version is better, so I’ll do my best to tell it as she did.

Marcella’s family has two cats, both about 12 years old, both quiet as ghosts.   One of them, named Sophie, was apparently sleeping in Marcella’s room without the girls’ knowledge, and when Marcella came back from the bathroom to go to sleep she shut her bedroom door.    Cut to early this morning, when Maya woke to a rather unpleasant smell near her face, and thought (in that way that you do when you are not fully awake) “Wow, Marcella must have farted!”   This did not merit a full wake up, so she went back to sleep.

Then at around 8am, she was greeted again by the overwhelming smell of feces coming from her pillow (sorry if you happen to be eating something.  I should have warned you this wasn’t food friendly).    She sat up to find that Sophie, who, due to the closed door had been unable to leave the room during the night and who at 12 years of age has a bowel control problem, had decided that Maya’s hair and pillow would do for a makeshift litter box.   Let me just say, “Eeeeeew!!”     I love cats, but I think that would have merited a freak-out, even from me.

Maya however, in her very together way, simply woke Marcella and said, “Look!”  After which, a shower ensued, and Maya told me she washed her hair about 10 times.  Both of Marcella’s parents told me how impressed they were that Maya did not freak out, as that would have been completely acceptable behavior given the rather extreme circumstances of waking to a poop pillow.   (I just kept thinking “Thank god it wasn’t all over her face!”  “Double EEEEW!!”)

As Maya told the story, after she’d showered the girls went back to Marcella’s room to get dressed, and Marcella stepped in some extra poop that was on the blanket and yelled, “Oh Crimeny!”   (and if you know Marcella, it’s a very Marcella thing to say)   To which Maya responded, “Well, at least you didn’t get it in your hair!”    And then later, when Rob (Marcella’s Dad) was relating the incident to his wife Amy, who’d gone to work before the fun began, he said, “But now they’re even because Marcella stepped in poop.”   And Marcella yelled out, “We’re poop buddies!”

I wish I had audio of Maya telling this story, because she can’t get through it without collapsing into giggles, which of course sets everyone else off.

So if you think your day is getting off to a rocky start, just remind yourself that at least you didn’t wake to find your hair full of cat poop.   There.  Don’t things look brighter now?

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  1. Miriam Brougher AKA Mom says:

    We BOTH laughed at this one. OMG it is so awful and SO funny.

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