Costa Rica here we come!

Just a quick note tonight.  It’s the dreaded day before traveling, which means I am cranky and generally out of sorts.   This is when I dream of a personal assistant who will run out to buy the paper plates I forgot to get (which we use to put Cosmo’s food on), and the sunscreen, and pick up the gifts from Make, and book our car service, and confirm the flights and oh yeah, see if you can get me in to the chiropractor in the morning, will you?    Alas, there is only me, and the day before we fly I am everyone’s personal assistant, including my own.

Tomorrow, at the moment we board the plane, all the ‘I hate the day before’ feelings will disappear as my kids (and husband) settle into travel mode, which truth be told I wish I could bottle to use at home.   Anytime I felt attitude coming my way I’d just give them a dose of ‘travel mode’ and all would be well.   I guess we’ll just have to make this traveling every month thing part of our routine!

No post tomorrow night, but hope to be back on Saturday, with photos!

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