On our last day… Beads!

Our last day in Costa Rica, and probably the best.   We went to dinner yesterday with another couple Joshua knows here – Michal and Irving.  They invited us to their house and we had pizza and salad, which is just about the perfect meal for us.   After dinner, Michal was showing me some of the cross-stitch that she does, and the pattern book she uses.    I’ve never done much cross-stitch, but Maya and I both loved the cool things she made.   She knows that I like knitting and handwork, so we were talking and she mentioned a really inexpensive bead shop she could take us to if we had any interest.   We did, and this morning she picked us up and drove us there.  It was even better than we imagined.   I spent the equivalent of about $50 and got tons of amazing beads, memory wire for bracelets and pliers for cutting; a haul that would have cost at least $100 in the states.   On top of that, Michal made a photocopy of her cross-stitch pattern book so that Maya and I can try our hand at it back in New York.  Fantastic!

After returning to the hotel we ate a quick lunch and spent a little over an hour at the pool until the clouds moved in, as they usually do around 3:30.    Then we went back to our room and made bracelets.   And bracelets.  And bracelets.   The photo you see below does not include three that we made and gave away to Kinyu, Inga and Ariel.     If I had known about this bead store earlier in our trip, there would have been a second visit…

Back to a balmy New York tomorrow!  It should be about 60 degrees when we land (then back to the 30’s, but at least when we get there it won’t be frigid like it was the day we returned from the Bahamas).

Till then…

Memory wire bracelets

Ben, mid-bracelet

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  1. Andrea says:

    Yay for cross-stitch! This was my craft of choice for years – and I look forward to seeing the progress you make in the next few weeks!

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