An evening with Ben

Maya was invited to an overnight tonight, so it was just me, Ben and Joshua this evening.   Ben got to choose our itinerary, which included dinner and then a movie.   But first I need to mention that earlier today,  Ben received a Webkinz bat in the mail.   He had purchased with his own money on Ebay.  He was so thrilled with it, and took it both to dinner and to the movie theater.

Ok, so we went to see “Rango”, and while we were waiting in line Ben and I went to the bathroom.  He insists on going to the mens room rather than going into the womens with me, and usually that is fine.   But I waited, and waited, and finally told Joshua to go and check on him, because it was taking longer than I thought it should.    Exit Ben from the bathroom at that moment, teary eyed and clutching his bat.   Apparently he put the bat on top of the toilet paper dispenser, and it had taken a tumble off into the toilet.   Luckily before anything else was in the toilet, but still.   Ben fished him out and rather than go to the bathroom himself, spent the time trying to dry his beloved new bat under the bathroom dryers.   Oh dear.

Now here is the amazing thing about Ben.   We got some napkins and dried Bat Bill (as he has since been named) as best we could, and I assured Ben that when we got home we would give him a good cleaning and put him in the dryer and he would be good as new.   And after a few more tears, he decided that it really could have been much worse, and was his usual happy self again.  He has an amazing ability to see the bright side of things and never dwells for more than a few minutes on something that has upset him.

We watched “Rango” (very funny by the way – the theater was sold out – mostly adults –  and the movie is a kind of running homage to Clint Eastwood’s old spaghetti westerns) and as we were walking out of the theater Ben took Bat Bill out of his backpack and said, “You know what’s the good thing?  Even though he got wet, he’s not misshapen at all.”   Excuse me?  Did you just say misshapen?  And use it correctly in a sentence?    I mean, I know you will be 7 years old in a few days, but where did you learn misshapen?

Once we were home, Bat Bill was washed and dried and is indeed good as new – and Ben is happily sleeping with him at his side.

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  1. Miriam aka Grandma says:

    Aaawwwww. Well, he is certainly amazing on the phone for not quite 7.

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