Reprinted with Maya’s permission

Before I start, I just have to say that I love the sound of rain on windows (or cabin roofs, but since we live on the 7th floor of a 30 story building, I settle for windows).   I especially enjoy it when there is nowhere I need to go, and I can just sit inside, feeling cozy, listening to the rain.   It rained off and on all day, but really picked up steam this evening and has been pelting the windows for several hours.  It is also nice that it is rain, and not snow.  Finally.

Now, to the topic at hand.  I mentioned last week that Maya joined an online writers’ group.   This is a group of homeschoolers, and the day she joined she was given a writing assignment, which was to tell a Sherlock Holmes story from the point of view of Dr. Watson.   Maya has never read any Sherlock Holmes mysteries, so I gave her a brief rundown of who Holmes and Watson are so that she wasn’t writing totally blind.   The story did not have to be an actual Holmes mystery re-told, which is good since she isn’t familiar with them.

I asked her permission to print the story she wrote in full in this post.  She spent about an hour or so working on it, and even though I may be slightly biased, I think it is clever and funny and actually captures the spirit of what I imagine Holmes and Watson to be like.   Forgive the errors in formatting which occurred while copying it from the Word file it was in and that I am too lazy to correct.   The title is:

“The Case of the Missing Toothbrush”   by Maya Milstein

“How can you believe that losing a toothbrush is a mystery?” I asked Holmes.
You see, he thinks anything that goes missing is a mystery. I do not believe that, as I am the smarter one, except for he thinks he is the “know it all”.         “Because, I was JUST using it this morning! Then at lunchtime I go in to the bathroom because I thought I left my watch in there and my toothbrush was gone. Because you know how I leave my toothbrush in that one spot every day and-”
“Well, I was just trying to make my point that YOU do not seem to be         following!”
He can be so annoying.
“Well, what could have happened to it?” I asked, though I didn’t much care about a toothbrush.
“How should I know?”
“Well can’t you just go out to the store and buy a NEW toothbrush?”         “NO, the one I lost is my favorite one.”
Who has a favorite TOOTHBRUSH?!?!?!
“And that is not mainly what I am worried about.” Holmes said.             “Then…. what is it?”
“Somebody could have stolen it, which means they have broken in here and they might have stolen some other important things,” he replied.         “Yes….but why would someone steal a toothbrush?” I asked.
“Oh, yes well I guess that is a thing to think about…..”
“OK, well while you are “thinking”, I am going to go and check the offices to see if any papers were stolen, because clearly if I don’t you will just sit here all day.” I said.
“Okay, okay, I’m coming, but you know you should spend more time thinking than looking,” he said.

So we went down to the offices. Everything was right in place, just like it had been the day before. I was sure by then that Holmes had just lost his mind and his toothbrush had fallen. I mean, nobody actually steals a toothbrush! I have to say, Holmes is my great friend but sometimes when he gets really into cases like this it can just be so hard to stay in my comfort zone.
“Holmes, lets go in the bathroom, I would like a look for myself.”
“No no! I am SURE it was stolen.”
“Does that mean I cannot even take a look?” I asked, and I was pretty sure I knew what he would say.
“Alright Watson, if you must.”
So I walked into the bathroom to find that yes, the place where his toothbrush usually was was empty.
“See, told you I was right, Watson,” said Holmes.
“What, you think I didn’t believe you Holmes? Oh, that is a story for another time. Of course I believed you, I just wanted to take a look for myself.”
I believed him, but I didn’t think somebody had stolen it.
“I do know how you know me well and believe me for these things, Watson! But I just can’t put my finger on what exactly could have happened.”
I was getting tired by then, it was late.
“Holmes, can we investigate more tomorrow? I am really tired and need some sleep.”
“All right Watson, let us go refill our batteries.”

I have just woken up, it is about 7:00am. I am going to start my day by myself before Holmes gets up. I want to be able and ready when he wants to investigate more. And so I ate breakfast, had my coffee, and then I thought I should go wash up. Right now I have just gotten out of the shower and am shaving……I have just noticed an incredible thing.             “HOLMES!!!! HOLMES!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, as Holmes is a very heavy sleeper.
“Wha…Whatsagoinon?” He said, sleepy eyed.
“Holmes, wake up! The toothbrush is back.”
He immediatly woke.
“WHAT?! It’s….back? No Watson, you are wrong, it simply cannot be back.”
“But…But yes it can! Come and look for yourself.”
So he slowly got out of bed and came with me into the bathroom. And as we walked in, there was Holmes’ toothbrush, right in the place he always had left it.
“Yes, yes this IS indeed my toothbrush. But….ew! It’s all green and grungy on it.” said Holmes.
“Well  clean it off!” I replied.
“Nah, lets just go get a new one.”
“What? I thought this was “your favorite one!”
“Yes but they sell the same one at the store. Come on. Lets go!”
And he threw out the old toothbrush and pulled me out the door to get a new one.

The End

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  1. Miriam aka Grandma says:

    Well, this IS good!! I know someone else who would have a “favorite toothbrush”. No names mentioned of course. hehehehehehehehehehehee

  2. Doug says:

    I couldn’t wait to see how Watson would solve such a tricky mystery.

  3. Martha Jansen says:

    Fabulous job! So creative and had the vernacular down perfectly. Are you sure she’s never read any of those books?

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