They say it’s your birthday!

7 years ago this evening there was a sweet new baby boy in the world.   He’s no baby anymore, but he’s still pretty sweet.   He had a party today with his best friend Jonah and his friends Andrew and Jahsaia  (and Maya and Greta were there too).    But I think he enjoyed the evening after the party even more, sitting around playing with his new toys (which included everything from a DS game to Nano Bugs, Bionicles and an American Girl doll.    Life is good when you are Ben, who,  as one of my friends told me, “simply oozes happiness.”

Ben and his friends Jonah, Andrew and Jahsaia

Maya, Greta and Andrea who is, happily, visiting us from Asheville!

Ben with his gift from Grandma & Grandpa

Ben with his Game Stop gift card. Thank you Greta!

Ben, Maya & Greta

This evening, playing Rango DS surrounded by Bionicles and AG Christina

Happy 7th Birthday, my sweet boy!

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