Oh boys!

It’s an unusual evening at our house.  Maya is spending the night at a friends’, and Ben invited his best friend Jonah to be here with us.   It is the first time that Ben has had a friend over when Maya wasn’t here.   And it is amazing how different the house feels with only boy energy running around.

Ben and Jonah love spending time together, and almost from the moment we walked in the door a huge battle ensued between competing Bionicles.  The boys ran through the house, making laser fighting sounds and periodically dropping to the floor amid great drama, ‘killed’ robots in hand.   Then they played a few card games, took turns on Ben’s DS playing Mario vs. Donkey Kong, and for the last hour or so have been completely involved with the Wii, biking and now sword fighting.

There is no older sister around to tell them how they ‘should’ be doing something.   No one to stop their Bionicle wars with ideas of her own.   No teasing, no questions or suggestions.   Just a bunch of happy boy energy.

My kids spend so much time together that it is a special gift for them to get time apart, with their own friends.     Earlier today we had a moment where Maya’s overnight was in question, and Ben immediately reassured her that it was ok with him if she was here tonight.   She countered by telling him that no, she knew how much he was looking forward to being here with Jonah without her around.    They both became the best versions of themselves in that moment.     Tomorrow when Maya comes home and Jonah is gone, she and Ben will spend time regaling each other with tales of what they did at their respective sleepovers.     But for now I get the unusual pleasure of being surrounded by boys – and I’m not being the least bit sarcastic in that comment.    If all boys were like Ben and Jonah and Joshua the world would be a happier place.

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