Happy 1st of May

We spent our afternoon and much of the evening today at our friends the Spositos.   They hosted a May Day party, and thanks to the good weather, we were able to spend the bulk of the time on their roof deck.    The kids made mini bouquets of flowers and attempted tissue paper flowers as well, but the wind wasn’t playing along and they soon abandoned that plan and played an hour or two of “Capture the Flag” instead.

Maybe it was spending all day in the fresh air, but I’m beat, so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking for me tonight.   (The first one is Ben’s latest creation, made of kebab skewers, a rubber band and some aluminum tape.)

Ben's bow and arrow creation - it really works!

Luke, Ben, Maya, Simon, Alma, Maya and Jonah on May Day

Makin' bouquets

Ben's bouquets

The end results

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