Just because

Because it is Saturday night and what was supposed to be a leisurely evening spent with Joshua doing my writing at our store while he worked became instead a session of looking up addresses all over the city (don’t ask – the explanation is far too long) and then waiting for designers who were supposed to arrive at 7pm but instead didn’t show up until 8pm (they are going to re-work Joshua’s office so that it is more like a place you’d want to be and less like solitary confinement under the glare of flourescent lighting);  because of all that, I have few coherent thoughts left in my head tonight, and even less patience to assemble them.

So instead, here is the link to Dooce from yesterday:   http://www.dooce.com/2011/05/13/more-adventures-picky-eating

I loved this entry, because I have had conversations like this – not about food, but other things – with at least one of my children.   (I’ll leave you to guess which one.)


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