The Trees! Those Trees! Those Central Park Trees!

Today, in lieu of a proper post from me, I am sending you to the website of Edward Barnard and Ken Chaya, who have spent the last 2 1/2 years mapping the trees in Central Park – all 172 species of them.   This is an incredible feat,  since there are an estimated 23,000+ trees in the park.  The two men captured just under 20,000 of them on their new map which shows the exact location of each one.   Mind boggling.

For us locals, the map provides access to a dendrological bonanza, almost literally outside our front door.  I am excited to take jaunts with the kids to find some of the oldest trees in the park, which date back to the time of Frederick Law Olmstead (the designer of Central Park).   There are only about 150 such ‘original’ trees remaining, and one of them is not far from the 72nd St. entrance on the West Side;  perfect for us to visit.

So without further ado, enjoy:

And here is one of the videos:

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