It was all fun until….

Today we made our semi-annual trip out to Nashville, Indiana.    Nashville is basically a community of artists and artisans set in the hills of Brown County, approximately 15 miles west of Columbus.   They do a booming business in the Fall when people come from all over to look at, photograph and paint the autumn foliage, and summer weekends are fairly busy as well.

Main Street, Nashville IN

We, however, go for one reason.   To shop at JB Good’s, or as we call it, “the Life is Good store”.   Every six months for the last 5 or 6 years we drive out and buy t-shirts, bags, hats – whatever catches our eye.   It’s gotten so that when I walk in, the owner looks up and says, “Hey!  So you’re in from New York?”   Clearly I have spent way too much money there….

JB Good's in Nashville

Today was no exception.   We got shirts for us, shirts for the couple who is caring for our cat Cosmo while we are away and even a shirt for Maya’s Spanish teacher.    The Life is Good people make great t-shirts out of the softest, sturdiest cotton known to man.   At JB Good’s, run by a father and his two sons (Jake and Josh – hence ‘JB’, which we found out today stands for the ‘J’ Brothers) the atmosphere is always upbeat and positive, with a laugh and a smile at the ready for anyone willing to receive it.   They give 10% off if you are wearing one of their shirts when you come in.   The walls are covered with funny slogans and quotes.   Here is my favorite:

But there was fun for the entire family today when we went to Ceraland pool again, getting there at about 3:30 in the afternoon.   Turns out this is a great time to go, because at 4 the lifeguards take a break and the pool pretty much empties out.   The kids were happily jumping off the diving board, taking turns on the climbing wall and going down the water slide.  Mom & I were alternately in and out of the water, enjoying the fact that we weren’t needed at all.

This went on until just past 5:30pm.   I was debating at what point I should call it a day, when Ben came down the water slide, holding the side of his head and crying.   The trouble?   A wasp stung him in the head at the top of the slide, apparently angered by something, because Ben never saw it.  It swooped in, stung him and took off.   The lifeguard did see it, asked if he was ok and told him to go to the first aid station for something to put on it.  (I was amazed Ben chose to go down the slide, but I guess he figured it was faster than going back down the stairs.)

This would have been bad enough, but 3 summers ago when we were visiting friends in Fort Wayne, Ben was stung in the head by an unfortunate honeybee that got hung up in his hair and panicked.   Ben was only 4, but he never forgot it, and has been wary of all things bee-related ever since.   Today did nothing to alleviate his fear, and my usual mantra of “the bees are not interested in you Ben, so if you don’t swat at them they’ll leave you alone” was rendered a lie because this was, apparently,  a wasp on a mission.


Ointment and ice eventually eased the pain, but the day will always be remembered as ‘the day Ben got stung in the head….again’.    Worse, we planned to go to Ceraland again tomorrow, our last day in Indiana, but now Ben doesn’t want to.    And Maya definitely does.   Oh joy.

What would the folks at JB Good’s say?  They’d probably laugh and say, “It looks like Seinfeld was right.”

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