Thoughts on ‘mommy bloggers’

I’ve mentioned in the past that I read Heather Armstrong’s blog at   She is labeled as a ‘mommy blogger’, based, I guess,  on nothing more than the fact that she is  a mother.   She started her blog well before she had kids, so I wonder what they called her back then?

Last night I discovered another blog called Go Go Gadget Zen at .  This is also considered a ‘mommy blog’.   While I enjoy both these blogs because the women writing them are sarcastic and funny and sometimes very politically incorrect  (refreshing in a world of far too much political correctness), their blogs are often about topics having nothing to do with being a mother or their kids.  And they are DEFINITELY not blogs for the kids to read – at least not un-edited.

I could never write a blog like that.   First of all, I doubt I could be that funny, but secondly Maya reads my blog now and then….

Maybe this is why I don’t have nearly as many followers as they do – nothing brings in the readers like inappropriate sharing and discussions about sex.

The point here is I don’t get the moniker ‘mommy blogger’.  Who came up with that?   What does it mean?  It’s certainly not a description of their chosen topic.   Do we have ‘daddy bloggers’, designated as such by virtue of the fact that they have offspring, even if what they write about is music or gardening?    Are these women mommy bloggers because they don’t have ‘real’ jobs outside of blogging and being mothers?  (Heather Armstrong pulls in about a million dollars a year from her blog – I’d call that a real job.)

I have no clever conclusion to this post.  It’s been a day without clever conclusions of any sort.    Post Harry Potter 7 Pt 2 withdrawal?

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