A conversation

Conversation overheard (by me) last night between Ben and his friend Jonah, who stayed here for an overnight.  The boys were playing chess.

Ben:  Jonah, have you ever seen the movie “Searching for Bobby Fisherman?”

Jonah:  No.

Ben:   You should see it.  It inspired me to play chess.

Jonah:  What’s it about?  Who’s Bobby Fisherman?

Ben:   Well, he was this chess player and he won the championship of the world.   And then, after he won, he disappeared.  And not even his wife could find him!

My giggling had to be disguised with a burst of running water from the bathroom sink.    Then Ben went on to give a fairly accurate account of the plot of the movie, which is pretty good considering he saw it almost a year ago.    And it did in fact make him want to play chess….

Later that evening....

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