Welcome BlogHer!

You may notice something different about my blog tonight – yes, there are ads and a BlogHer logo!    BlogHer is a large network of female bloggers writing on a multitude of subjects, and about a month or so ago I submitted my blog to them, to see if they thought I might be a good addition to their network.

Happily, they did.

So from now on you will see their ads on my blog, as well as some links to other BlogHer members, and I will receive a small payment each month in return.      I encourage you to look around on their site; there are some really great writers contributing to this network, and I’m very pleased that the founders of BlogHer thought my blog would be a good fit.    I’ve offered to do book reviews for them as well, and if I do, I’ll be posting about it here and on their website (www.blogher.com).

That’s it for tonight.   Except for this photo of Maya and her friend Maya Sposito with our first homeschooling friends, the Greiders.   All 5 kids and 2 parents of them.   They’ve moved back to Indiana but are in town for a visit and it was so great to hang out with them, even for a little while.

Maya Sposito, Maya, Avery, Emmett (then in front) Alden, Ruby and Jude

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