Today – some good and not so good

The fact that I woke up this morning with something like vertigo did not do much toward being the in a Disney kind of mood.    I guess I really threw my inner ear for a loop yesterday, and it hadn’t quite recovered.

This meant that for the first few hours I walked carefully and tried not to look like I’d been on an early morning bender.    And hoped I didn’t bum out the kids too much by being that parent who can’t participate in the fun  (I hate being that parent).    Luckily the condition improved as the day went on, and I hope by tomorrow all will be well again.

Today I stayed away from the rides but loved the atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom, especially Main Street USA.   After all when I was growing up the Magic Kingdom was it.   I was completely enamored with all of it, including the street car filled with actors dressed in period costume who jumped off, sang and danced their way up the street and then hopped back on and rode away amid clapping and cheers.  How much fun is that!

Looking up Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom

This picture doesn't show how wilted we all felt

That said, it became apparent that we weren’t going to be the family that stays until the park closes.   We finished with the Magic Kingdom by 2pm, made a half-hearted attempt at Epcot and headed back to the hotel by 3:30pm.   It was 93 degrees and much more humid today than yesterday, and all we could think about was the pool.   Amazingly, all our energy was revived in the water.

And then we came back to the room to find a message in my email inbox from Megan Thompson, the PBS reporter who’d done a story on homeschooling last Fall which got shelved as the station underwent budget cuts.   They revamped the TV show into a website called Metrofocus, with video, and finally the piece Megan did can be seen.     It is well done and a rare positive view of homeschooling and unschooling.    Of course, watching it now I wish I’d said things differently, smiled more and perhaps gotten a haircut.  (Can’t do anything much about the way I talk, so I’ll let that slide.)   Vain, you say?   Oh probably just a little.    But seriously, my point of view in the ensuing 9 months since the interview has gotten even more ‘radical’ – though maybe that wouldn’t have come through in any case.    Kudos to Megan for being honest and fair in her reporting and editing.     Here is the link.   Enjoy.  And pass it on to as many people as you can, not because I’m in it but because we need all the positive exposure we can get!

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