A shift in focus

This is sort of a follow up to last night, but I promise not to belabor the point.    Many years ago I heard someone say that whatever you focus on is what you create in your life.   So if you focus only on the negative, you create more negative.  The obvious answer, then, would be to focus on something positive.   Even if it is a small thing.    And I can say from experience (both with negative and positive) that it is true.   Your inner dialogue and what you choose to focus on creates your reality in many, many ways.

Right now our country is almost solely focused on the negative.   All those people who went into massive debt to go to college and then got a degree based on the idea that once they had it they could make a lot of money are now angry because for a lot of them it didn’t pan out.   And you might say they have a right to be angry, but I say it that even if that is the case, it’s time to shift focus away from the anger so that something positive can take its’ place.

Instead of pursuing a degree in something because you think it’s in demand, or you think it will make you a lot of money, how about pursuing a career (and that doesn’t necessarily mean getting a degree) in something you love to do?  (Do you even know what you love to do?)  How about focusing on what can happen, rather than what can’t?  Remember the Times article about the kid in Atlanta who wanted a job at a local organic farm so he just started showing up every day and doing the work?  Without being paid?   When the owners realized what was going on, did they kick him out?  No, they hired him.   That kid could teach everyone a lesson in focusing on what can happen.

Being angry and blaming the world (or the government) is ok for a weekend.  Take two days and rant all you want.   After that, anger and blame become the equivalent of a very loud, very dirty, very heavy object that you insist on dragging around with you.  Nobody wants to hear it, see it or be asked to help lift it.   Best just to let go of it and leave it behind.

This doesn’t, by the way, mean you can’t still advocate for change.   You can, but how about doing it from a positive place?    From a point of view of ‘this is where we would like to see change and this is how it can happen’ rather than ‘this is all the stuff that is screwed up and it’s all your fault’!

Everyone, no matter how down and out, has something good in their life.   It might be a person, or a favorite book, or a quiet place.   Maybe it’s a hot shower, or a day without hunger, or health.   It could even be a pleasant memory, or a hope for the future.   Everyone has something they like to do and can do well.  (or that they are motivated to learn.)   All it takes is a shift in focus to place these things in the forefront of our minds.   Do I make it sound simple?  Well, as some wise person once said, “It may be simple.  That doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

But hey, how hard can it be?   As hard as getting a degree that winds up doing nothing but putting you in debt?   As hard as working two jobs you hate just to pay the bills?

In my book, nothing is as hard as that.

Take it away, Macy…

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  1. Miriam AKA Grandma says:

    A great reminder!!! Perhaps I should print it out and hang it around the house. And have it printed on a shirt. Put it on the side of my car. Have a keyring made. Hire a skywriter (well maybe not). Joy To The World!!

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