All there is, is now

This op-ed piece, “Notes From a Dragon Mom”, was in todays’ NY Times.   It is a profound lesson for everyone but especially those of us, perhaps, whose children are not fatally ill.   It reminds us that all any of us really have is today.   Treating our children harshly now to prepare them for the future is something I’ve always thought misguided;  after reading this article it is nothing less than tragic.

Love your kids.  All the time in the world doesn’t exist.  There is only now.

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  1. Miriam AKA Grandma says:

    This was so poignant, I nearly wept. And so true. We, as a country, and maybe even as a world, are hypnotically focused on “the future”. We forget about today-now. I do not mean to say to not plan at all; we have dental appointments, bills to pay, cars to fix, etc. As a child I was a genius at living for the day. I never counted the days till Christmas or till the end of school, or my birthday or whatever. Everyday was wonderful (my brother corroborates this). But somewhere along the line growing up, it was almost lost. Almost. Today is the only day of the rest of my life. And looking at it that way, changes your focus. In a world that almost ONLY focuses on the future, you find yourself in a very “alone” position. And it is harder than when I was very young, due to many many years of conditioning. But worth the effort. I hope everyone opens the “dragon mom” link.

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