A clean sweep

You know that TLC show called “Clean Sweep”?   I used to love that show.   I watched it mostly the Fall and Winter that I was pregnant with Ben and we were living in Pennsylvania.    That show kept me almost sane for the 6 months we spent there.

In case you’ve never seen it (and if you haven’t, you MUST;  It is sooo much fun), what happens is that the team gets sent to someone’s house;  a house where the stuff has gotten out of hand (not hoarders – that’s something different) and over the course of 2 or 3 days they force these people to get rid of their junk.    It is brilliant.   And cathartic.   I may have to watch another episode or two just for fun and old times’ sake.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, after too many days in a row spent with groups,  entertaining and running around from one activity to the next, today we had nothing we had to do, noone we had to see and nowhere we had to be.   Which could mean only one thing:  Time to purge the closet!     Maya helped, and together we spent the better part of the day going through one of the two massive closets in our apartment.   You would not believe the amount of junk we hauled out to the trash.   I was relentless – apart from photos, if I hadn’t looked at it in over a year, it got tossed.    The only thing that would have made it better was if we could have rented a dumpster to sit in front of the building just below our balcony and simply chucked stuff over the side.    As it was, sending it down the trash chute or putting it in the recycling was a pretty good substitute.

I now have one incredibly organized closet in my house.  I have empty shelf space!    It makes me want to go down to the lobby and force my neighbors to come and look.    Purging  junk always has the added effect of purging the negative energy that has built up and which I’ve been carrying around for the past few days.  (There’s probably some Feng Shui rule that covers this phenomenon.)

Tomorrow we will tackle the walk in closet.   And by the weekend, I’ll be ready to see people again.

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