Friday – The Cliff Notes Version

Because we are in the middle of a massive chocolate chip cookie ‘bake-fest’ in order to make money (well, the kids will be making the money) tomorrow through selling said cookies at our store, I hereby present a sort of condensed, cliff notes version of my thoughts from today:

1)  You can now WALK IN to my walk in closet!   How much junk was there?   Ten 30-gallon trash bags, one old piece of furniture and several plastic storage containers worth – that’s how much.   Maya was my paid assistant, and she was invaluable.    Ben officiated from the safety of the living room.

2)  Conan O-Brien did  four shows this week at the Beacon Theater, just up the street from us.    The people going to see the shows managed to block subway entrances, crosswalks and sidewalks in general, much to the often not-so-subtle frustration of us locals.   (But Conan’s New York ads were hilarious. Like this one, posted on Twitter)   Today he left town.   But did the streets empty out?

3)  NO!  Because today the marathoners arrived in droves.   I mean they were everywhere.   And I love the marathon, (which is happening on Sunday) but runners really are a different breed of crazy.  Don’t believe me?   Hey Heather, back me up here, Dooce!

4)  Despite the crowds, the marathon spirit is infectious.   Today, groups of people in bright orange ING t-shirts were promoting the ING-sponsored marathon by standing at subway entrances and cheering everyone who exited – as though they’d just won the race.   Fantastic!

5)  And then the pendulum swings to the WTF? end of the spectrum with the news, posted by Lenore Skenazy, that Amtrak has raised the minimum age for solo travelers from 8 to 13.  Why?  Even they don’t know!  Take it away Free Range Kids.

6)  Oh my god, Yoko Ono is following me on Twitter.  I’m not kidding.  (Ok, me and several hundred thousand other people, but still.)

7)  Did I mention that my closets are….organized isn’t a strong enough expression – maybe ‘oases of order’?   Yes, much better.

8)  For two days now, we’ve cleaned closets, baked cookies and, except for my regular Friday trip to Pilates, hung out here at home.  Ben never even got dressed today, pajamas being so much more comfortable.    Calm has re-entered our lives.   Thank you, lack of any type of schedule, for restoring our sanity and good-humor.

Happy Friday!

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