Wayfinder Adventure

It was a glorious, glorious day in Central Park today.  Take a look:

The Great Hill, looking west

68 degrees and not  a cloud in the sky (this must be November’s way of apologizing for the incredibly rude behavior of late October), which was a very good thing, ’cause rain, wind, snow or shine, today was the last day of Ben’s Wayfinder class, and the Adventure Game takes place no matter what.

That second picture above not only captures some of our delayed Fall color, but also Ben’s team in mid-battle with one of the other medieval clans who clashed today on the Great Hill.  Five hours of swordplay, forest raids and the hurling of ‘stones’ (made from foam covered in duct tape) by knights and warriors imbued with various powers (Ben’s was curing poison and something else having to do with being immune to claws) by their ‘God’ who stood around in a purple cloak, alternately calling clans to battle and blowing a shofar-like horn to declare victors, etc.

It was sort of a cross between a renaissance fair and a medieval comic-con.  To be honest, most of the details escaped us parents, who were simply sitting around in the sun, thanking our lucky stars that no down parkas or rain shelters were necessary.

Ben wielding a 'monster weapon' while others look on

Andrew & Ben, mid-clash

Forrest has Jonah on the run

Check out the kid in full Templar gear!

See you in the Spring, Wayfinders!

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