Oh yeah? Well take a look at what WE’VE been doing!

First Quarter Reports are due next week.    Maybe it’s a coincidence, but this time of year it seems parents talk a lot more about curricula and classes – possibly because in the back of their minds they are planning their quarterly report.

Participating in this kind of conversation is akin to traversing a mine field for us unschoolers, mostly because it is a prime opportunity for school brain to kick in and start ranting, “Hear that?   THEY’VE all been learning about Finnish history, delving into algebra, organic chemistry and earth science.  Oh sure, your kids take Spanish, but THEY are all studying Spanish, Latin and French as well as studying violin and piano.   Sure,  you’ve got that art class, but THEY are all learning animation and art history and how to do power point presentations.   What do you say to THAT!?”

Do I panic?   Do I frantically look for science kits?  History books?  MATH COURSES?

No, I do not.   I calmly tell school brain to shut up, talk to the hand, you’re gettin’ no rise out of me.

Brag all you want about what everyone else is doing – I’ll bet no one else is doing this.  (Well, someone is or this program wouldn’t be offered on YouTube,  but not anyone we know…)

Take it away, Maya!


See, genius, I tell you!

For more of Maya’s videos, including two more of the “Go Animate” variety, visit her YouTube channel at NYQueenDog.

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