Have a little faith

Faith is something I think you need a lot of to be a life learner in our culture.  Not religious faith, but a belief and complete trust in your kids and their abilities, and also in yourself and your family.     It’s interesting to me how so many people who profess to have complete faith in a God of their choosing seem to have little or no faith and trust in humanity.    (They are not the only ones, just the loudest ones.)   Some people I know who attend church or are devout in a particular religion view all the people they see on the street as a potential threat, especially when it comes to their children.   And speaking of their children?  They trust them least of all.

I guess Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said, “Oh ye of little faith.”   (My Senior English teacher, the one who told us on the first day of school that 95% of everything we learned in school was garbage, ALSO said that he didn’t care what religion we were, if any, but if we didn’t know the Bible we’d not understand 1/2 of all Western literature.   Not that my writing can be considered literature.  But still.)

We are a culture of little faith, indeed.   We see danger in every stranger, we pass laws based on fear or the rule of ‘just in case’, and we preach 20 years of mandatory schooling for EVERY SINGLE CHILD to save them from a lifetime of doom and failure.    We have no belief, no trust, no faith in our child’s ability to sense danger when it is really present or to possess even an ounce of self-preservation.   Instead of teaching them how to deal with ‘danger’ we instead try to rid their world of it; which is not a faith-based move.    When it comes to learning, we condemn our children to be ‘taught’ what they ‘need’ to know because we do not believe it is within their power to learn on their own.   Is it any wonder then that those of us who choose the faith route for learning and believe our children can in fact determine what they need to know are seen as radicals?

“How will your kids ever function in society?”

“How do you know they are learning anything?”

“What about Math?”

“Do they get to see other kids?”

“What do you mean you let them walk around the neighborhood on their own?”

Hey, have a little faith, people.

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