Music and Movies, just cause it’s Friday

This post has nothing to do with life learning, or unschooling, or education. Except you might learn about some music or movies with which you weren’t previously familiar.  Or not.    Believe it or not, there are days when I don’t think about learning or the state of education.   Not many, but they do exist.

Today was almost one of them.

Why?  Well, mostly because I not only went to Pilates, but then did a Beyond Barre class as well.  (Back to back, thank you.)  I am Superwoman.  At least until tomorrow, when the sore muscles will kick in.   Before I left for class, I had the iPod playing all day.    When the iPod is on shuffle you never know what you’ll get.   Here are some of the songs I heard today which had me singing or dancing or both.  And you get the added bonus of the video!

The first one is Alanis Morrissette doing a live version of “Torch”.   I love her voice and these lyrics are gorgeous, because they are very real.

And then, along those same lines, is A Fine Frenzy with “Almost Lover”

And then, as if the iPod knew that too much Torch & Almost Lover might be depressing, Enrique Iglesias came on with this next one. (Yes, he is Julio’s son, and if anything, he is even better looking – not that that factors into my enjoyment, of course!)  There are those who like to make fun of this song (and people who like it) but despite the mediocre video, it  ALWAYS makes me want to dance.   And that is always a good thing.

And finally, Lady Gaga.  Yes, she won me over.  The kids and I hated “Poker Face”, were kind of ambivalent about “Paparazzi”, thought “Just Dance” was ok, and then came “Born this Way.”   And we were hooked.  (I’m choosing the live version here, because the ‘official’ video is just too weird.   As it is you might enjoy this more without the visual, but she’s nothing if not entertaining.)

And now, movies.  This Fall is shaping up to be an amazing movie season.  Because none of these films are in theaters yet (and you were thinking “Breaking Dawn” weren’t you?!) I’m showing trailers.   This is the stuff I can’t wait to see!

This first one is from Martin Scorses, but it’s a kids film, and it was shot in 3D.   I’m not normally a big fan of 3-D – it’s kind of superfluous to a good story, but in this case I’ll make an exception.  It is Scorsese, after all.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is next.  Yes, the American version with Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.   No, I was not a devotee of the books;  I read them and enjoyed them, but the first two contained way too much exposition – like almost 200 pages worth.    And the Swedish film was very faithful to the books, if you get my drift.  (Sorry Noomi Rapace.  You were great up until the point where I fell asleep.)   The American trailer is a bit frenetic at times, but here it is:

And now, a film with Noomi Rapace that I know I will enjoy.  I appreciate artistic films, but mostly I go to the movies to have fun.   The combination of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law?  Pure fun.

And now, the film we are all going to have to wait a little longer for, (it doesn’t open till March) but which, given casting and this trailer, will be well worth it.  Tip:  If you haven’t read the book,  run to your nearest bookstore and buy it.  You’ll read it more than once.  Trust me.

I give you, “The Hunger Games”.

Ah, now isn’t that a great way to start the weekend?

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