My day of extremes

After a month of blogging with no days off as part of NaNoBloMo  (National November Blogging Month) in which bloggers commit to post every day, I had decided earlier today that tonight I’d give myself a break.

But then my day went haywire.

First, we received the news that two of our dear friends are ending their marriage.   It is being done with mutual love and respect, which somehow makes it even sadder (although it’s much better than hate and disrespect, as there is far too much of that in the world as it is).    Joshua and I talked about it and then voiced our support to them.  Of course we will remain their friends.   Of course.  But my heart is breaking for them.

Whenever sad things happen, my kids are the road I take back to smiles and joy.   It is very difficult to remain down for long when they are near, and so we all went to dinner this evening to be able to laugh at some silly stories and enjoy each others’ company.

Then we came home and when I checked my email, it held a message that left me speechless and contained such good news, even now I can’t quite believe it’s real.

Which is why I’m not going to tell you what it is.


I need to digest it, tell Joshua (he went to work at our store after dinner and hasn’t heard) and allow my heart to return to its’ normal speed and rhythm.   My kids practically cheered and told me I’m awesome when they heard it.    My brain is like, “Really?  Awesome?  Me?…..could it be?”    Intermittent excitement mixed with attacks of panic is the only way to describe it.

Don’t mean to overstate, because then when I finally tell you what all the fuss is about, you might think, “That’s it?”   Like when someone goes on and on about HOW GREAT this one movie is and you just HAVE TO SEE IT and then you go and it’s kind of a let down?   I don’t want that to happen, so I’ll just be quiet now.

Till tomorrow…

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