The Spirit of Christmas

The Setting:   Ben’s room yesterday evening as I was saying good-night.   Him under the covers, lights out, with me snuggled next to him.   (In case you don’t know, he’s 7.)

Ben:  Mama?

Me:  Yes?

Ben:  (Ducking his head under the covers as he speaks)  I don’t believe in Santa Claus.

Me:   You don’t?

Ben:  (Shakes his head, which is still under the covers)  No.

Me:   Why not?

Ben: (Takes the covers down a little)  Well, I just don’t think he could really deliver presents to everyone all over the world in one night.

Me:   Oh.  Did Maya talk to you about it?

Ben:  No.  (Pause)  But I think most of my friends know.

Ben’s friends are all older than he is, by at least a year.  Some are 2 and even 3 years older, so this news did not come as much of a shock.

Me:   Well that’s ok.   Did you think I would be upset if you told me?

Ben:  (Shrugs his shoulders but turns and gives me a hug.)   I don’t know.

Me:   Of course I wouldn’t.   But Ben, do you know what is real about Santa Claus?

Ben:  No, what?

Me:   What’s real is what he represents, which is the spirit of giving and the joy of being with family at Christmas.

Ben:   Oh, ok.  (Gives me another hug.)

Me:   So can we still go and see Santa on Sunday? (at ABC Carpet – Best Santa in the World!)

Ben:  Yes!

Me:   Good, because I really enjoy it.

Ben:  Me too.

My sweet boy.   Maya believed in Santa till she was 10 but I knew that chances were Ben would figure it out much sooner.   There are people who think that you shouldn’t ‘lie’ to kids about Santa, but I wouldn’t have missed the magic in their eyes for all those years for anything.   And even though now the magic has lessened,  there is a part of it that will linger always.

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  1. Miriam AKA Grandma says:

    Awwwwwwww. Made me tear up.

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