Insta-cure for the Bad Mama Blues

The Bad Mama Blues can be triggered by many things. ¬† In my case those things are often articles or blog posts expounding on the many ways that parents need to be involved in their child’s activities, engaging them and guiding them, providing support and….whatever.

More and more often I find these articles through Twitter, reminding me that I’ve spent far more time on Twitter on a given day than I have ‘guiding’ my children in any meaningful way.

Add that to a recent evening spent hobnobbing with actors & celebrity photographers and you have the perfect recipe for a large dose of Bad Mama Blues.

Today’s insta-cure? ¬†Overhearing my kids discussing their favorite authors, followed by Ben showing me the drawstring patchwork bag he made while I was out:

Maybe Mama’s done something right after all.

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