It’s that Craft Fair time of year!

The NYCHEA Craft Fair is everyone’s favorite of the monthly meetings, as always evidenced by the massive turnout.  The kids make stuff and bring it to sell.   They barter, they haggle and they have a great time.   At least three tables were also raising money for various charities, and the very, very best part?   All these kids are so supportive of everyone’s work.  Doesn’t matter how rudimentary or unpolished it might be, it gets raves from the buyers.


The Mayas & their wares

This is Leo who was selling books of his own short stories!

The knitting table. These girls put me to shame with their skill

Jonah & Ben (or Jonah's little brother, as some people thought!)

These girls always create gorgeous dolls and magnets & donate their money to charity

Part of the crowd

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