The excitement builds

We leave for the Bahamas tomorrow.  As if that wasn’t reason enough to be excited, Maya’s best friend Greta is going with us.   This is made even more unique by the fact that Greta is not a homeschooler, and has been granted 4 days off of school for the trip.

Those 4 days of school, according to certain high schools in the city, could be the deciding factor two years from now in whether or not Greta will be admitted to the school of her choice.  Yes, that’s right, it might all hinge on 7th grade attendance.   Because as everyone knows, if you show up and sit in the chair, you must be learning.   Conversely, missing 4 days of school could be seen as a lack of dedication to your studies.

Why 7th grade attendance?  Why not 8th grade, or 5th grade?   What is so special about 7th grade?   No one has been able to explain that to me.  There probably is no good answer; it’s just another one of those random things chosen by whomever and then built up so that it takes on out of proportion importance.

I don’t get it.  The high school application process in New York City is beyond comprehension in many cases.   I am glad that we won’t be a part of it.

To their credit, I am also glad that the administration of Greta’s school told her that she should go and enjoy herself.   That you only live once and opportunities like this don’t come around every day.

Just hope it doesn’t ruin her chances at a ‘good’ high school.

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