Nothing to do

Normally I love days where we have nothing planned; where it is a little bit gray outside and we can just hang out and do whatever.

And then, every now and then, a day like that makes me feel like I need to peel off my skin or run around screaming, or both.

Today was one of those days.

Nothing suited.  I had no energy to organize closets (a go to for catharsis, on occasion), write, sew, go out.   Every thought was followed by “Yuck”.

My kids, faced with the unusual sight of me sighing loudly every few minutes and abandoning projects right and left, made themselves busy.   Maya painted several pictures and then posted her work on Facebook, asking friends to vote on their favorite.   Ben started watching Harry Potter, then stopped it, went and got his wand and golden snitch, and disappeared into a Harry Potter world of his own imagining.  (Now he is drawing Ninja weapons).

I forced my way through some sewing, played way too many games of Bubble Witch Saga on Facebook, ate pistachios and lamented the fact that on Sunday the library is closed;  browsing through books is always a cure for whatever ails me.

Joshua got stuck at our store and had to work all day, so his mood pretty much matched my own.   Not helpful.

I started dreaming of travel.   We are going to California at the end of this month, but it seems very far away at the moment.  Oh to be somewhere warm with a beach, just to listen to the waves.   Spending listless hours staring at the ocean beats spending listless hours staring at my 4 walls every time.

Echoes of small children whining “I’m boooored, there’s nothing to doooo” keep bouncing around inside my head.   Oddly the whining voice sounds like my own.   Of course I have lots of things to do, but nothing that appeals in the moment.  (which is of course what every kid in the world means when they say they are bored.)


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