Today my kids were not made to wake up early.

They did not rush through breakfast & grab their books so as not to be late for school.

They did not sit in a classroom and submit to being ‘taught’.

They did not need to ask permission to eat, or go to the bathroom.

They were not told to pay attention, or to sit down, or to stop talking.

Today my kids did no homework.

I did not ask my kids what they learned today.

Today we did not argue over bedtime.


Today my kids slept until they woke up.

They ate breakfast when they got hungry.

They got dressed when they felt like it.

They joined us when they wanted to, and stayed home when they didn’t.

Today they edited videos, learned new skills, created with their hands and made plans with their friends.

Today they told me their stories and asked me their questions & I listened & answered as best I could.

I trusted they were learning what they needed today.

Today they will stay up late and go to sleep when they are tired.


I hope for every day to be a version of Today.

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