Field Day

Every Spring the NYC Home Educator’s Alliance (NYCHEA) holds a “Field Day” at Pier 40 in New York City.  There is a massive outdoor soccer field and it is traditionally tons of fun.   I would normally post about something like this on my personal blog, but lately I’ve seen so many comments on Twitter and Facebook reminding me of just how entrenched stereotypes around homeschoolers still are that I decided to share these photos here instead.

I don’t have an official number, but my guess is that over the course of the day at least 75-100 kids were present, ranging in age from infants to teens.  Parents got the chance to visit with old friends and meet newcomers while the children played.

This group is a mix of all types of home learning from traditional homeschoolers to radical unschoolers and from just about every background you can imagine.   There are single parents, mixed race couples, 2 income families, religious, atheist, you name it.   When we come together we celebrate our similarities and don’t recognize our differences.   The former are far more important than the latter.

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  1. Sue McMahon says:

    Beautiful photos! I wish we could have made it. Maybe next year….

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