Blake Boles with another article EVERYONE should read

Today has been the first day in well over a week that a discussion of education, schooling & unschooling has entered my thoughts in anything more than a passing way.

We are out of town, on vacation visiting my family in Indiana.  When we are here in the summer we do two things; hang out on the farm and go to the pool or pond to swim.  I take a lot of photos, have fun and relax.  The kids are learning a lot here, of course.  Mostly about the farm and nature and country life.   I’ll probably write about that after we get home and have had some time to think about it all.

Until then and because of this I haven’t posted here in over a week, but I’ve been posting almost every day over at, in case you are interested.

In the meantime you should all read Blake Boles’ new Huffington Post article titled “12 Ways to Educate Yourself Without College.”   Even if you are well past college age, you can still obtain a higher education.  Even if you went to college and feel somehow unfulfilled; even if you are a parent with small children, or a parent of children who are definitely going to college – you need to read this article.   Blake lists 12 ways you can educate yourself.  I guarantee at least one of them will ‘click’ with you.

After you’ve read it and enjoyed it (which you definitely will) pass it on.  Post it, tweet it, email the link; whatever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a long day of swimming ahead of me tomorrow.  Time to rest.


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