Good reads from Natural Life & Life Learning Magazine

Life Learning Magazine and Natural Life Magazine, both published by Wendy and Rolf Priesnitz are two of the best unschooling resources anywhere.  Of course, you probably all know that already, but on the off chance that you don’t you should not wait but go immediately to their website and subscribe.

In fact, to that end I decided that tonight’s post would consist of two links,  both to free articles provided on the Natural Life & Life Learning websites.  At the bottom of each article is the link to subscribe to the respective magazines.   If you are at all interested in unschooling and natural parenting (and I’m assuming you are or you wouldn’t be here reading this) you need to read these publications.

The first article was written by John Taylor Gatto and was originally published in Natural Life Magazine in 1995.   It is titled “Beyond Money: Deschooling and a New Society”.

Wasn’t that fantastic?  Did you immediately subscribe?

Get ready because here comes great article number two.   This one was written by Lael Whitehead and was originally published in Life Learning Magazine in 2006.  It is titled “Children & Power: Some thoughts on raising self-authoring, compassionate individuals”.

Great, right?

Don’t forget to subscribe.

You can thank me later.



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