The nature of children

Children are fearless until we teach them to fear.

Children are confident until we tell them they are wrong.

Children explore until we tell them to sit still.

Children experiment until we tell them there is only one right way.

Children are unique until we demand they conform.

Children are all self-directed until we convince them they must be taught.

The true nature of a child is one of boundless energy and an insatiable ability and desire to learn.   A child in a bi-lingual home will be fluent in two languages.  In a tri-lingual home?  Fluent in three.   No syllabus required.  Children are constant explorers of their world from the moment of birth.   They strive to see farther, move better, know more.   They touch, they taste, they laugh and play and all of it is a part of their quest for knowledge.   Always knowledge.   Parents tire of the endless “Why?” but for children the question is imperative.   They MUST know.

Why do we insist on stifling that nature?   On taking the child out of the world and placing them in a manufactured environment where they will be “taught” to learn and be “given” what is called an education, but which isn’t?

What are we so afraid of?


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