Some fun on Friday

Ok, so who says reading isn’t educational?   Today I was scanning through her Friday edition of “Stuff I Found While Looking Around”, and saw a link to something about the physics of why cats always land on their feet.

The universe is paying attention, people.  Just yesterday, Ben said, “Is it true that cats always land on their feet?”  I said, “Yes, I think it is.”   He asked, “Why do they always land on their feet?”   I said I didn’t know and that we’d have to look it up.   Then something else happened and we got distracted and the cat question was temporarily forgotten.

Until this afternoon, when the universe tapped me on the shoulder and said “Ahem.  HERE IS THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION BEN ASKED YOU YESTERDAY AND YOU NEVER ANSWERED!”

Really, there’s no need to get bossy about it.

Anyway, after watching the cat physics video, Ben & I watched one on rockets, one on water balloons, one on rotating bodies and one on what happens to handguns fired underwater.   Oh yeah, and at one point they were shooting containers of paint and making art from the splatter.  (This may be the coolest use of handguns, and the only one I might condone. “Let’s all use our guns to make art and learn science!”)

The site on which we saw the first video was   I haven’t spent a lot of time perusing their content, because we got so wrapped up in the video and promptly clicked over to YouTube to go to the “Smarter Every Day” channel.   Once you watch this cat video, I guarantee you will too.

Actually, here’s the water balloon & gun art one too, just for good measure.   Happy Friday everyone!






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