The importance of reaching out

I was feeling a little glum today.  It’s the annual back to school or back to curriculum and classes rush that happens all around us that does it.  Our little unschooling community in NYC is just that:  LITTLE.   We are very few and very far between.

So I went on Twitter and basically said that I wished I had some new, nearby unschooling friends.

Within seconds, two of my fellow unschool tweeps were on the case; turns out one lives nearby and the other is currently not far from our destination in an upcoming trip.   As a result and with a little luck, I’m probably going to meet them both within the next month.

THAT is what community is all about, people.

But in order to benefit from it, sometimes we need to reach out and tell others that we’re in need of some support.  No one can read minds.

I realize this is a short post.  It is mostly to say thank you to those who jumped in when I needed a lift.  You know who your are.

Unschoolers are the best!


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