Let’s hear it for NOT Back to School!

If there were any lingering doubts that the number of homeschoolers is on a rapid increase, they were smashed today at the annual NYCHEA Not Back to School Picnic in Central Park.   We’ve been coming to these picnics since Maya was 4 years old, and this one had the biggest turnout by far.

My guess is between 300-400 people attended over the course of the afternoon (kids and parents), including more new homeschoolers than I’ve ever met at a picnic before.  These included families with teens and families with young kids, many in their first weeks of learning outside of school and in the throes of de-schooling.   They mixed and mingled with us “old-timers” – families whose kids have never been to school or for whom school is only a distant memory.

Each year at the picnic, my faith in humanity is basically restored.  Homeschoolers and unschoolers of all colors, religions and backgrounds spend a glorious afternoon in the park whether meeting for the first time, getting re-acquainted or falling into massive hugs after a summer spent pursuing separate adventures.  Like any close knit community we have our differences, but today they were all set aside.

Today was a celebration.

Happy Not Back to School, Everyone!

From toddlers...


To teens...


All ages playing together...


Fun was had by all






Lily and Maya



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