Next stop Europe!

In 48 hours we will be in the air over the Atlantic on our way to Germany.

We’re just a tiny bit excited by this.  I haven’t been to Germany since before Ben was born, and haven’t seen my dear friend Tina, with whom we will be staying, since we were all in London two years ago.  (Wow, that means I’ve been blogging for over two years now! I started the August before our London trip.)   We’ll be in Germany for a week and then are taking a train to Venice, which is going to be spectacular as we are traveling during the day and the route goes through the Alps.   After two days in Venice we’ll move on to Torino to stay with more friends and eat lots of gelato before making our way back to the States in time for Halloween.

A couple of days ago my daughter was asked why she likes to travel.   She was rendered almost speechless by this question.  For us, asking why we like to travel is akin to asking why we like to breathe.  Umm, because it’s life!

In order to fully enjoy every minute of our time with good friends in other countries, I won’t be blogging much if at all over the next two weeks.   I may post some photos or write from Venice (because, you know, it’s VENICE!) but other than that?  Internet silence for 14 days.

Think I can pull it off?

Until then, Aufwiedersehen!



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