What it’s really all about

No matter what anyone tries to tell you or your child, the most important things in life do not include where you went to school, how well you did in school or how much money you make as a result of your schooling.

You can take all that and just throw it in the garbage.

The only thing that matters is doing something you love.   It might make a lot of money or it might not, but it doesn’t matter.  If you are pursuing your passion you will have a rich life.

Here are two amazing recent examples (as written up in the NY Times) about following your passions.

The first is an article about Herman Wouk who at the age of 97 has a new novel coming out.

The second is an article featuring the work of Isabro Ortega, a self-taught woodcarver.

And that, my friends, is what it’s really all about.

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  1. Wayne Johnson Ph.D. says:

    Hey Amy thanks for posting these 2 articles. Wouk and Ortega are both good examples of doing what you love. It will be interesting to see how all the children do who can’t continue school because of Sandy. I am new to your blog,have your read “Summerhill” by A.S. Neal? or the classic pamphlet from the 60’s “The Student as Nigger”?

  2. If children can’t continue school because of Sandy, hopefully their parents or guardians can support them in discovering and pursuing passions.

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