Keep on keepin’ on

Forced learning.  Poverty.  Testing. Prejudice.



So many problems, some of which I’ve been writing about recently.   Behind all of them, powerful people who are making billions of dollars and will work hard to make sure nothing changes.

So what can we do?

We can argue and debate and suggest all kinds of innovation and technology to improve schools.

And maybe some of that will have some effect.

But really, the only way to change things from the root; the only way to change our collective mind is for those of us who are following a different path to keep following it.

We should keep telling others what we are doing and how our kids are thriving.    We should continue to be the change we want to see in the world (it just occurred to me – just as I was writing –  that unschoolers embody Ghandi’s famous quote more than almost anyone – at least anyone I know).

If the 150,000 or so unschooled kids grow up and have kids of their own who are then unschooled, numbers will grow.  Combine that with the trend toward more self-education rather than the traditional 4 year degree path, and at the end change will come.   Maybe not as quickly or dramatically as we would like, but we’ll get there.

The alternative really doesn’t bear considering.

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