The United Nations is not our enemy

I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

I am disappointed that homeschooling families played a role in defeating our support of the U.N. Treaty  for the Rights of People with Disabilities.

Are we so susceptible to fear-mongering that we would believe the tripe being bandied about that says if we support such a treaty (one which is based on our own law, I might add) men in blue hats will storm our houses and take away our right to homeschool a disabled child?


The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that no U.N. Treaty will ever override the sovereignty of our own national or state laws.   Period.

Rather than protecting our own rights, which are in no danger from such a treaty, what this amounts to is endorsing discrimination against disabled people in other parts of the world- something we don’t allow in our own country.

It is sad, and the role homeschoolers played in it is shameful.

Here are two links:  One describing what happened and one which should put to rest any fear that our rights might be in danger because of a U.N. Treaty.

What happened

The truth about our laws vs. U.N. treaties  (Side note:  Sweet Liberty is not a website I normally frequent.  They are often guilty of fear mongering and even in this article they get a bit shrill at the bottom.  However their citation of Supreme Court case law is correct, so I chose to link to this despite my larger disagreement with them.)


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