20 Children

Tragedies like these shouldn’t happen.

20 children aren’t eating dinner tonight because of a crazy person armed with 4 guns.

People can go on and on about how “guns don’t kill people, people do”.  I don’t really follow that line of reasoning, especially at the moment.   Without the guns in the shooter’s hands, 20 kids are at home right now, begging to be allowed just a little more time on the computer.

Instead their parents are living a nightmare beyond imagining.   Oh to be able to go back in time and change one thing; just this one thing.

But we can’t. They can’t.

Instead, we have to change something, even one thing, moving forward.

Maybe we can’t answer the question of why so many people in our country reach for a gun when they are angry, but we can do more to keep guns out of their reach.

I’m so tired of the debates; of people telling me that it’s their right to own a semi-automatic weapon; that if only everyone carried guns we’d all be safer.

Take away the instruments of destruction and there will be less destruction.

Send your thoughts, your prayers, whatever beliefs you have that give comfort, to the families in Connecticut tonight.

And be thankful for everyone you love.


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