Because there is no crystal ball

Schooling is all about the future.   At least, that’s what schools tell their students; you need to get good grades, do well on tests, get into good schools/universities, so that you can have a successful life in the future.

For most kids this translates as “Be miserable now so you can be happy in the future.”

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.   No matter what anyone tells you, there is no crystal ball into which we can look and see what jobs will be needed, even 10 years from now.  We cannot see what the technology will look like or what will make our children happy.

All we can see is what is happening right now.

Right now, your kids are either miserable or happy; struggling or thriving.

I don’t know of any unschooled children who are miserable or for whom each day is a struggle.   Most of them – and I don’t know each one personally, of course – are happy and thriving.

However, I know a lot of schooled children who are both miserable and struggling; who hate school, who are told they are stupid and who are on at least one drug to “help” them bear the misery of school.

I don’t believe in making kids miserable now because maybe it will help them be happy later.   In my experience, it doesn’t work that way.

Look at your children.  Are they happy?  Are they fulfilled?  Curious, creative and motivated?

These are the only questions worth answering.

Right now.

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