It doesn’t take much

What does it take to succeed?  To be fulfilled?  To lead an enriched life?

Perhaps not as much as we’ve all been led to believe.

Everything in our world is judged, it seems,  in terms of cost & monetary worth, especially when it comes to education and learning.

I hear it all the time (and I’m sure you do too); inner city schools fail because they don’t have the money.   Arts programs get cut across the board because of lack of funds.

Only the rich can afford to unschool.

Kids who live in slums are doomed to an abject life in poverty; no upscale private schools with computer labs, no private music instruction.   No parent who can stay at home with them.


As humans we are hard-wired to learn, to make the best of a situation and to create something from nothing.  It is the foundation of our history as a species.

Those of us hindered by our first world problems and first world thinking tend to forget that fact; tend to buy into the hype that without a lot of cash on hand, nothing is possible.     Sometimes we need to be reminded that the saying “Where there is a will there is a way” is actually true.

I could go on, but nothing says it better than this.    Watch it and remember:  Everything is possible.

3 comments on “It doesn’t take much

  1. M says:

    This is very moving. And absolutely marvelous.

  2. wow. absolutely remarkable! Shows how brilliant and resourceful and just good people can be!

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